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FINAL Championship Match

Championship Result

Guiseppi's A 20  to  18 Tower B

Championship Match

Guiseppi's A   VS   Tower B 

Round 3

Round 3 Playoff Results
Guiseppi's A 20   Demo A 10
Tower B 20    Boat Club 8

Round 3 Playoff Lineup

Guiseppi's A    VS    Demo A
Tower B        VS     Boat Club

Round 2

Round 2 Results

 Guiseppi's A 20 13 Tower A
 Tower B 20 13 Guiseppi's B
 Boat Club 20 12 Hot Shots A
 Demo A 20 19 VFW A

Round 2 Playoff Lineup

Guiseppi's A    VS    Tower A
Tower B        VS     Guiseppi's B
VFW A     VS     Demo A
Boat Club     VS     Hot Shots A

Round 1 Playoffs

 Guiseppi's A 20 9 Demo B
 Tower B 20 17 Highland B
 VFW A 20 13 VFW B
 Boat Club 20 9 Hot Shots B
 Hot Shots A 20 11 Highland A
 Demo A 20 11 American Legion
 Guiseppi's B 20 17 ICAC A
 Tower A 20 19 ICAC B
 Playoff match- ups

1.               GUISEPPIS – A  VS  DEMO – B

2.               TOWER – B  VS  HIGHLAND – B

3.               VFW – A  VS  VFW – B

4.               BOATCLUB   VS   HOTSHOTS – B

5.               HOTSHOTS – A   VS   HIGHLAND – A

6.               DEMO – A   VS   WOODBURY

7.               GUISEPPIS - B   VS   ICAC – A

8.               ICAC – B    VS   TOWER - A

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